Cages - Michael O’Connor Ok, first comment about this book: this cover is ugly! A monstrosity! Terrible! Garbage! image.... (Can I use another adjectives to insult his cover? Any idea?). Why I bought it? The price... 3 dollars (oh yeah! Only 3 dollars! Maybe is the piece of crap of cover that make the seller put it at only 3 dollars?)

About the book

It's really short. The pdf file I bought at The fiction wise site has only 51 pages.
The story is really simple, as the characters and everything else of this book. Really a little shallow, and without something that would make me read it again.

John, is a vampire with 200 years old (and has been captive for the last 60 of his live). Beth is another vampire, put in his prison at the begin of the book. Munson is the human that keep they incarcerated (his father was the human that trap John).

No romance, no interesting turn of the facts, image nothing that make this book worth of my 3 dollars.... my consolation? It's the price of a water bottle here on Milano, so, I could waste it. image

ps: huge flop of the story... Beth speaking with John try to convince him that became a vampire is like take a disease (by the way, the beth explanation is the exact copy of the wonderful I Am Legend, shame of you Mister O'Connor!). Ok up to now... but then she say it's like AIDS's infection. Ok, think with me... John is trapped for 60 years... understand the huge flop? Yeah... she speaking of virus diseases like AIDS and John, a remarkable fortune-teller, never ask her "WTF! Stop! What are you talking about? AIDS?", no no... he knew AIDS... remarkable... maybe I'll try to find John and ask him the winner number of lottery! Certainly he know already regardless his incarceration and could give me! YEY! image

1 star... (if I could I would give none at all)