The Battle Sylph (Sylph #1) - L.J. McDonald Just finished this book, and I love it!image Deserve 5 stars, and if I could I would give more! Fantastic!

So, I'll do something different, and answer imaginary questions about this book (probably the questions you would ask me)

What can you tell me about the Story?
I can tell little about the story, or will ruin the surprise. What I can say is that Sylph are ethereal creatures slaved by humans. There are a variety of kinds. Air, water, earth, healer, fire.. all Sylphs bonded to human to obey they orders. The most strong and hard to attract to earth is called Battle Sylph. They are also the most difficult to control, and only mens are able to control them.
The story begins with a teenager, Solie, captured to be sacrificed to bound a Battle Sylph to the prince (it's the only way to attract and bound this kind of Sylph... leave a naked girl under a portal open to the Hive World).
The plan of the King goes wrong, and them the incredible adventure of this book begin!

It's a YA book?
Yes and no. She is a teenager, and Heyou assume an aspect of a teenager boy to pleased her. BUT, it's not an innocent book... check this phrase, said by one Battle Sylph answering a question about they naughty way of approach womans:
The widow pursed her lips. “What is it with you battlers and sex?”
His answer was “That’s what we’re for. Fighting and sex.”
(can say who, or will spoil the surprise!)

So, it's could be a YA book, but in my view some scenes must be read by a teen over 16 years.

If it's not a Ya book what's?
Easy to answer... it's a wonderful fantasy book that will keep you turning pages up to the end! I read it on 2 days... just couldn't stop.
It's a book for everyone who search a complex world full of incredible creatures.
This book is repleted of turns and twists, that will make you laugh, sad, curious and (why not) cry.
The final battle was so vivid! It was like be there, fighting with the Battle Sylphs to defend the community!

It's a straight/linear story?
No, some actions was narrated by different points of view, and some times the story go back for fewer hours (after some important scene) to understand what was happening at the secondary stories.
And, yeah, I said secondary stories!
Obviously Solie and Heyou is the most important nucleus of the book, but you will get surprised how many others character will appear!
Galway, Ril,Leon, the sweet twelve-year-old Lizzi, king Alcor, Thrall (love so much him at the end! I laugh with him!), Jasar, Mace, Devon, Airi are some... yeah.. a lot of incredible characters that I love! My favorite was the Leon and Ril second story! I really was amazed reading the complex companionship of the human and his Battle Sylph! I bet you will love it as I!

So, cut the crap and tell me, do you recommend it or not?
Yes!!!! image <---I'm doing my happy dance to convince you<br/>Read it if you are a fantasy/sci-fi fan and if you want to read a romantic book... and obviously prepare yourself! Battle Sylphs are soldiers, but, most of all, they are lovers! Heyou is really naughty! Always trying to get his hands on Solie! Sooo funny! And I love it!

......End of the interview........
Have fun reading... I hope that you end this story like me, waiting for more! This story has a continuation (The Shattered Sylph), but the end was great! Everything that could be told about Solie and Heyoy was told, and now I can't wait to read more about Ril! image No doubt that I'll read it!