Bound by Blood (Soul Mates, #1) - Jourdan Lane It's impossible to give less than 5 stars to this book!

Peter, a HOT bartender of a night club, fall in love with a hot guy he see dancing, Lucien, a master vampire.

Ok, yeah, I know what you are thinking: "So what? It's a old theme".

Noooooooooooooo.... wait, I didn't finish my summary...

Without spoiling this incredible erotic M/M novel I must add some particulars...

We are talking about a hot master vampire that is always on tight leather pants, and all creatures of his coven (vampires, werewolves and shifters) are hot guys on tight leather pants... hot and horny guys on tight leather pants... get my point?
I take the risk of saying a cliché but leather pants are hot! So, imagine Peter going to live with Lucien and a bunch of horny fantastic creatures.
In my mind while Peter talk about that house (only Peter narrate the book) I imagine Lucien as Hugh Hefner (a young and hot Hugh...) but instead of girls of playboy magazines we are talking of hot gays creatures whiling to serve Peter and Lucien... so yeah... ménages à trois, voyeurism, BDSM... you name it and I will say: "yeah, happen on this book".

Another thing. It's a erotic book, so obviously it's incredible hot, but it's also a sweet love story! Lucien and Peter love is so beautiful! They are equals, and this means how much they love each other! Lucien don't try to command Peter, but to show his love, so what Peter describe is so wonderful! It's truly (sorry, cliché again) two soul mates together!

I recommend this also to who never read a M/M novel. It's a marvelous experience that you should try it! And this book is perfect! The book will show you M/M love scenes, but it's not only that! This book is about LOVE! Simple as that... what matter if it's a M/M book or not? Love is the important message this book explore, so do it! Read about true love!
Enjoy this book, and don't forget a cold drink to cool your mood... this book is really HOT!