Need  - Sean Michael Whoaaaaaaa

That's what I call a erotic book!!!! image

ok ok... sorry... I'm calm now...

Well, this INCREDIBLE erotic M/M novel is astonishing! From the way Trick call his lover (Baby boy) to the drama when he discover that Bast is not an 16-18 years old guy (but a 750 years old vampire), everything in book scream SEX!

Love it, and can't give less than 5 stars... I almost take 2 stars because I get sometimes confused when Bast and Bael where together (WTF??? With all the names to choose why the writer take two so similar???? And best friends!!! That was reeeeeeeally necessary???? two names sooooo similar????), but no... thinking better it's a 5 star book!

If you read it just take care reading scenes with Bast and Bael or you may, like me, get wrong who Trick is f@°*ing image