Blood Moon (Moon, #1) - M.J. O'Shea OMG it's one of the most tearjerker story I ever read!

Quick story overview
Of course you read the book summary and got (also by the name) that it's a paranormal romance involving vampires.
Well, you are wrong... it's much more... image. There are vampires, werewolves, witches, hunters... but forget about that! This book is about true love, that never die and will never fade!! The paranormal aspect will leave you just more curious, but the spotlight is in the LOVE that the two men share!
The book is all in just one point of view, but believe me, it's enough. Zack will tell you about this huge love of his live, his childhood friend Noah. They got apart when both were 18 old, and after three years of doubts and sadness Zack will see Noah again. Now both are 21, and both know that regardless all problems and dangers they love each other... and can't live without the other.

It's a paranormal-romantic story...
Hell, yeah, and the bed scenes are also incredible hot! I'll not spoil telling you who is a vampire, or a witch, or a werewolf, or a hunter... no... the fun was discover page by page new paranormal creatures, and I'll not take that from you.
But just to be very precise I must say is also a mysterious book, full of action. You will never be bored, or stop reading.
My only criticism could be the lack of the Zack family description. It's a huge void in this story, but we must think Zack, the storyteller, is mesmerized rediscovering his lovings feelings. So I forgive all the doubts I still have. Honestly, who would talk about parents or sister telling a story of how much he/she love another person? Yeah... no one... I would also talk only about love, and my lover, being the narrator of this book. So, in my view, is perfect how this book was written.

Do I think you should read it?
Absolutely YES. The love between Jack and Noah is so strong that will reach you, and fill your heart with warm and good feelings. You will cheer for them, and will cry too. There is a happy ending (HEA) or a happy for now end (HFN)? Well, HEA or HFN is not that important. I appreciated each page of this book, and I guarantee that when you arrive at the last page you will be so happy for them that is not important if it's a HEA or HFN... that kind of love is endless.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to M.J. O'Shea for this lovely bookimage
It was my first book of this writer, and certainly I will search for more!

5 stars, without doubt deserve my maximum vote.