Chosen (Need, #2) - Sean Michael Call the FBI…. the Cops… Superman!!!

We must do something! Two impostors take Trick and Bast place in this erotic novel!! Quickly! Let’s search them!
Yeah, maybe I should be more delicate and avoid this lame joke, but I can’t:
This book sucks… and not in the erotic good way.

5 reason to my 1 star:
1)We are certain that was the same writer that wrote the second book of the Need serie? If so Sean Michael was in a reeeeeeeeeally bad mood writing the second book. The chapters are short and there is no connection between them! Do you know when you are bored to death and take the TV remote, changing in 4 minutes 10 channels? Same felling here! The chapters, obviously, has always Trick and Bast, but there are absolutely no continuum of the story. Different actions starting and ending so abruptly that was like the author was bored to death writing and to stay alive (survival instincts are hard to avoid) he constantly change subject! At the end he start to skip years!!! YEARS! Whyyyyyyy? I hate it! I don’t want to read “after 10 years Bast understand…” or a similar lame phrase to justify the lack of the writer imagination.

2)Ok, this second motive maybe is very personal. Trick or Bast talking/thinking about scars are not pretty, but creepy!
HOLY COW, read about all the scars on Trick body is sooooo gross… should I get excited? Sorry, but I DON’T THINK SO. I’m not judging who think something like that is hot, I’m just saying that to me was not a “happy” or “funny” talk.
My real question is why Bast (the wonderful guy of the first book) would do this to the men the love? Bast is a vampire so, obviously, he must bite to get blood. But he could be careful! No??? Nope… Bast was soooooo glad leaving scars on the men he love… to mark him always… and he was really proud of the scars! Both of them are!
2 words: Sick Bastard.
(no, sorry, isn’t “get therapy” the 2 words)

3)107 times. Yeah… I count it… reading a ebook you can easily count how many times a word is said. So, it was easy and quick to found out that “sweet” is repeated 107 times. 107 “sweet” in a pdf file of 200 pages MAYBE is a little to much, no? We are talking about one page “yes” and another “no”, them “yes” and them “no” to the presence of the word “sweet”… exaggerated, and unnecessary in my modest opinion. IMPORTANT, I’m talking about 107 times Bast call Trick his “sweet” or you find the word “sweet” in phrases like “they hug each other in a sweet demonstration of love…”. Yeah… annoying.
After 20 pages I start to substitute “sweet” by “delightful” or another synonymous. Was a funny and educational game called “let’s find synonymous to “sweet”!!!!”. Soooooo pleeeeeeease read this book to have fun like me! (I must admit that I cheat and at some point I was searching synonymous in Portuguese and Italian too… 107 times was a lot and I don’t think there are 107 synonymous to the word “sweet” in the English language)

4)It’s a erotic book, and I was not disappointed with the erotic scenes (hallelujah, at least that I like in this book), but some times I get distracted and if you ask me now I don’t remember many of them.
What do I mean?
Please, imagine this: you are in a coffee shop reading a sex scene of this book and someone shout “what a wonderful kitty”. Your eyes start to follow a kitty passing by the street. You keep looking the kitty, them take a long look of the cars, them the flowers… decide to get up and go out to take that cat to your home. You never find the cat, but you meet a men/woman distributing a “missing cat” paper with a picture of that cat. You get excited and try to help saying that you saw the cat and can take him/her to show where. You two never find the cat, but fall in love, and start a beautiful relationship. You travel to distant lands, do exciting thinks, and finally, after many many many happy years, you die in peace with your beloved next to you.
THAT’s what I mean by getting distracted and forgetting about the hot scene you was reading/read. (PS: do you like my romantic story? Maybe I should develop it more! Possible title: “The lucky bored”)
Anyway, is possible to get distracted reading an erotic book??? Well, some times I was.

5)Last reason of my 1 star… the end is terrible. I’m not addicted to HEA (“Happily Ever After”), and most of the times a HFN (“Happy For Now”) is a stimulus to imagine more about the characters. The HFN of Choosen don’t let me wanting more. Something is missing… it’s even a HFN in my view!
Seems that the writer was writing and someone shout “look a kitty” (and the story go on like before explained)…. or while he was writing he get sleepy… or he was drunk… or he was drunk and get distracted watching a sleepy kitty... or… ok, I’m done… you get my point.
1 stars.
The first book of this serie I strongly recommend (true, I loved it), Chosen unfortunately no.