Fallen - Pia Veleno
What a Dark and Lovely Romance!!!!

imageAnd I loved it!image

Just finish this story and I'm still thinking about the main characters. Mal, the angel, is the only narrator of this book. He is innocent, and in a certain way very immature. Regardless the lack of some explanation of his age is very obviously he is an eternal creature. image
I may tell right away that as a angel his main thoughts and talks is full of religions (pre)concepts, and one of those is the main theme of this book... homosexuality and the church.

No, it's not a preaching type of book, and all the religions discussion between the characters is very pertinent... Mal is on Earth to avoid a tragic suicide so he will use religion as a weapon. To help a humam... Bran.

But, nothing is predicted, and I'm still thinking of who help whom? Mal had his mission, but is very clear that he is the one that must lean a value lesson.

So, this is a romance? Yes but also a very dark story. To all romantic readers scared by my words don't be... there is a HEA... but it's not forecaster, and that's the beauty of this book... the surprising way Mal and Bran will be together.

I can't give less than 5 stars. Great story, and obviously, a remarkable book. Something I rarely find... a book that don't end after the last page, but keep going in my mind.