To Adam With Love (Gray Zone, #1) - Adrienne Wilder Imagine a world where dragons are not a myth... a world where you can be eat, be bite, be... killed... by one them... dragons

That's the world Adrienne Wilder created, and where you will find Ean and Adam, struggling to survive.

Ean is a human, growing up in the Dens (Dragon territory) he don't know how to be human... he don't want to be human.

Adam is a Lesser-bred, half human and half Kim (dragon). His time as human is ending. His biological clock is telling him he is losing his humanity. He don't know how to be a Kim... he don't want to be a Kim.

As you can notice, the contrast of this two men couldn't be more pronounced, and certainly it's the reason both are so in love with each other.

It's a love story but in a world with so much violence you can imagine you will suffer with Adam and Ean.

It's a drama because there are others, characters that broken my heart... like Brian. He really made me cry... at the end (and I'll not tell more... or will spoil the story).

It's a perfect story with a lot of details, about this fantastic and violent world. You will finish the story knowing everything, about Kim (dragon), the Den, Lesser-breds, etc. I read other books by Adrienne Wilder (M/M or not) and I think this and Blood Bonds are the two with more info about the Dragon's world.

I never got bored because there will be always present and past facts, to let me know, bit by bit, Ean and Adam childhood. I was so scary, knowing already a tragedy that happened (and was the motive the now adult Adam went back to the Dens); but I was also melted inside, reading about two kids, discovering friendship and love.

Do I recommend it?
Yes and I must just say some things before recommend it to you, dear reader of my review:

First: there is a true end. Of course it's part of a serie (you can read it in the title, "A grey zone novel") but let's say you will know what happened to everyone. So, if you want a book with an end, it's ok for you.

Second: it's not for everyone. I can say exactly why, but believe me, it's violent. Kim (dragons) are almost feral. They can look like humans, but they are more animals... with their behave... One example is the need of flesh. Raw flesh... for them what is not for sex is food, so well, be ready for the worst... because It's what Adam is becoming.

Third: if you want a sappy romance forget it. Adam and Ean love is there, but both are also VERY male. Both are VERY in love, but their love is nothing you could imagine. Dragons don't know what it love... how can Ean know it? How can also Adam know about it, growing up running from an insane father?

Last advice: don't ignore this story, if you are getting scary with all my comments about "violence" and "eating raw flesh". I think you would miss an unique opportunity... because it's not only Ean and Adam love story... you will know also amazing secondary characters, like Batu, the male Kim that kept Ean safe to grow up in the Dens. Who is he? Well, I think "A picture is worth a thousand words" so look... how is Batu in my mind:

so yeah.. you may be still thinking if you should read this book. Well, I'm glad I read it, suffer reading it, cry reading it... and smile... reading about two lost souls. Against all odds, they felt in love.

5 stars