The Vampire's Seduction (Savannah Vampire, #1) - Raven Hart Terrific book! It has the perfect dose of suspense, mystery, action and romance... and BTW, just to give immediately an example, the book start with William (one narrator) on a brothel.
image sooo GREAT this begin!

The story
How I imagine the process of creation of this book?

--> Voodoo magic
--> 2 Vampires
--> A mystical city (Savannah)
--> Suspense
--> Mystery
--> Romance
--> and a reeeeeeeally bad guy

In a blender, place the first four ingredients. Cover and process until smooth. In a bowl, combine the blender pasta with suspense, mystery, and romance; keep stirring. Add the bad guy and mixture; stir some minutes. Serve with a god dose of laughs.

About the characters
The main characters are Willian and Jack. Willian is the ancient vampire that turn Jack, so they relationship is like a piss off dad and the teenager son that do everything to call the attention of the father. It's only a metaphor (obviously)... they were adults (and hot ones seeing the reaction of the womans) when they became vampires.
Only they will tell this story and the intercalate narration chapters will keep your attention. Willian always angry (you will lost account of how many times he will talk about his rage) and serious while Jack is funny and take the life (pardon, undead existence) more lightly. The only thing that make Jack lose his good humor is the "I-keep-you-in-dark-about-vampires-powers" politic that Willian follow. It's soooooo exasperating read Jack need to know more about vampires and obviously himself! But, when you arrive on the last chapter finally everything will be clear, and you will understand William stubbornness.

There are a bunch of secondary characters and my favorite are the twins (male and female) that guard William house. They are old magic creatures, being egyptian dogs during the day and humans during the night. BUT when they are humans they keep some dog behaviors and that crack me up! The best is when the male take a forbidden book to read. What do you think he do after he read it? So easy to guess! He hide the book under the carpet!
Can you imagine Willian finding a book under his carpet?

My dog do the same identical thing! Soooo funny find what he steal genially hidden under the carpet! You doooooooon't find what they hide... nooooooo, impossible!

I could talk hours about this book. Believe me there is a lot to be told, but, I have already annoyed you (long review, sorry). So, my wishes of fun and don't worry, this story is part of a serie, but there is a real end.

PS: don't get this cover... seriously... ok, it's a urban fantasy book, but what the hell? Why put a woman chin and nose? Don't get the significance... nope...