The Experiment (Saving Caeorleia, #1) - Cia_ A fantastic freebie, can't give less than 5 stars!

First things first... it's a freebie, so yeah, it's already a positive point to a story. No money wasted in the case I wouldn't like it, so why not try it? So I did... and... more than love it! I read 34 chapters (the complete story, 93,000 words, in one afternoon!)

The plot
In a future, Earth is in war against Ceaorleia... humans want that planet, their resources... what humans will sacrifice to win this war?
Oh so simple... what a greedy human would do to win, what would be done? Where would be the limit in the human need to conquer another world? No limit...nothing would be too much... neither use humans as weapon

Meet Ryker, an unlucky human, volunteer in what he thought was just a scientific experiment.
It was... but he could never guess HE would be the guinea pig... the "animal" used in the experiments.

The story begin with Ryker... no longer a human... now.. an alien as Ceaorleia habitants.

It's a perfect story?
For a freebie it's more than enough! The quality is superb, and I was amazed it's not a published book yet! There are holes in the plot, and some problems in chapter, but overall? I must admit its quality is above the average. And I'm taking published books too in my thoughts... I must admit the quality of this story, and it's originality was better than many books I pay 7 or 8 dollars!

Original? I said it's original... how much? Because let's face it, it's hard to find good and original stories!
Well, I will not spoil but I must say everything, from Ceaprleian's humming vibrations language, from the alien planet itself, I love everything. Each detail, everything was perfect and VERY original!

It's an abuse (non consensual sex) story? There is kidnapping no?
There is no rape scene, and yes, Ryker is traumatized but it's just some facts, he will remember but never tell you, even when he is the narrator.

What? Even WHEN he is the narrator? There will be more than one point of view?
oh GOD yes! And guess what... there will be an alien POV... Seral.
Seral is a native from the alien planet and will know Ryker in a very unpleasant situation... it's a romantic story, you must read to know. I WILL NOT spoil saying more.

There is something that made me squeeeeee in delight?
oh damn YEAH!
It was... Seral wildness! He is view from Ryker as something close to... a vampire! Long claws, drinking blood, long fangs, black eyes, pale skin... BUT don't think it's one of those vampires you read somewhere! No, complete original story, also this "vampire" aspect of the race is very interesting and I LOVE IT

Romantic, but not sappy... sci-fi, but the perfect balance between action and description of alien world and behaves... a freebie, that was a delight surprise, and made me want to read much more! All about this couple and their unusual love

A broken man, a wild alien vampire... can it be possible? Can they... love each other, in times of war? A tziu and his isit... soul mates, despite all their efforts... war is war, and the seek for power can be a danger for both of them.

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. This story is amazing, and I certainly recommend it to all readers searching a sci-fi, but also a very sweet love story.