المرأة في الفلكور الكردي - روهات آلاكوم This is a freebie, the prequel of [bc:The Green-Eyed Monster|17365616|The Green-Eyed Monster|Melanie Tushmore|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1360628801s/17365616.jpg|24131174] (a goth rock band, with a bisexual band singer, Brandon, trying to conquer Sky's heart)

So now, about this freebie...
What I like about it:
* it’s freaking hilarious! Love the humour!
* I liked it’s all just one POV
* the writing is VERY good!

My problems with this short:
* too many characters. I admit I love the gang, but sometimes there are too many and in a short there is no time to remember who is who. I keep confusing Ritchie and Brandon.
* too much alcohol (my personal problem, not the story. The characters keep drinking, and a lot, and I didn’t like it much)
* I have no idea why there is a girl in the story. She looked like a waste of time (and pages). Why put here in the story? I was thinking she would say something that would surprise them all, anything. But no, she appear and disappear without doing something important to the plot.

So, overall comment. I LIKE it but didn’t LOVE it. I’m sure it’s the fact I have no idea who are the characters, and in such short I couldn’t know them, and fall in love... YET

Certainly I will read [bc:The Green-Eyed Monster|17365616|The Green-Eyed Monster|Melanie Tushmore|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1360628801s/17365616.jpg|24131174]. I WANT to read about Brandon, a bisexual band singer that love to cross-dress! Oh yeah! I WILL read it!
I'm curious now :-)