The Haunted Pub - Melanie Tushmore
"Indians scattered,
On dawn's highway bleeding
Ghosts crowd the young child’s,
Fragile eggshell mind

The Ghost Song
Jim Morrison

A pub...
Six main characters...
Many ghosts... what can happen?

The story
Everything begin with a problematic young man, Fizz, kick out from his home.
Fizz is special, with a unclear disorder from the autism spectrum he can't socialize, and have to be forced in a new place... the worst of his nightmares. A pub. Ruled by his cousin, Ginger, it's the only place he can go. Even it go against everything he want... there are people... A LOT of people, living and working at the same place.
But Fizz worst enemy will not be his problems of social interaction, but a malignant presence haunting the old build.

The narrators
Fizz, Ash, Ginger, Ryan, Matt, Sammy... and surprising, even from he ghost point of view the story will be told.
Everything goes around a pub, the work, the clients, the strange phenomenons everyone see/feel in the build interfering with the routine. From pranks, as no beer, to real live dangerous situations... you will read everything, from a lot narrators.
I enjoy it. It's not easy to read a book with so many voices and don't get lost or annoyed. And most of all, it's hard to find a book with so many voices that are really different voices! Have you ever read books, with many narrators, or just two, but the narrators mannerism are so similar you have problems to distinguish one from another? Not in this book... believe me, everyone is unique, and I appreciate it.

The horror
It's subtle, not immediately scary, and the suspense will grown... grown, with each page it will go on, and will reach the moment when you KNOW things will get bloody and scary. The ghost is not happy, the ghost want to be alive again... and if he can't, no one should.
I must be honest I thought it would be much more scarier, but it worked.. when the worst arrived I was really biting my nails... and was completely engrossed by the book.

Did I love, like or more or less like it?
100% honest answer: I loved it.
The story is not a romance, in a "sex without plot" fashion. It's neither instant love or love do miracles... but it's romantic, in a creepy way
Yeah it's a scary story, so of course in the worst times the romance will be more pronounced. No need to say, near death experiences can be a good thing, to make someone decide to have the courage to declare their love.
I would not recommend it to readers searching couples in love, because it's there, but as a subplot. Instead, it's perfect to readers searching a good ghost story that have also some (not much) romance.

Do I have something to complain?
Oh come on people... it's me, bitchy Camila. Of course I have. BUT my complain is not something wrong with the book, but maybe a personal opinion. It didn't diminish the pleasure of the reading, so I'm not taking stars because of it.
My problem was... Fizz.
Can't talk about it without spoil the story, so it's inside a spoiler.

"Physically, he was fine. Fit and well, perhaps a little on the scrawny side, but there was nothing wrong with his body. It was like some sick joke, to give him a perfect able body, but not a head to go with it"

I don't know, maybe he has Asperger syndrome, I don't know. It's not specified.
That's how he see himself, and he is BY FAR my favorite narrator. I love him... his sadness, his daily problems to even answer someone or look in the eye of another person.
He is weak? No, he is the stronger character of the book, dealing with his problems by himself, BRAVELY dealing with everything, even what would scare him to death.
I love him so much I wasn't happy when he... was "cured".
I understood it... in the end, the good ghost, the soldier, is now helping him. Unfortunately, I didn't like it. I wish he could be himself, and be accepted as he is. Ash want him, as he was. Ryan and Ginger was happy having Fizz with them, and think that Fizz changed, get "better" almost "cured" going out is something that I wish would not happen.
Because it's not him.
Fizz is Fizz... with his autism. It's who he was, what give his strength and what make me love him so much.

Because it's not a short story I recommend you to take you time, grab a hot drink, get under the covers and start it... but leave the lights on... or the suspense will kill you!
“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.”
― Alfred Hitchcock