Eternal Samurai - B.D. Heywood Samurai (侍?), usually referred to in Japanese as bushi (武士?, [bu͍ꜜ.ɕi̥]) or buke (武家?), were the military nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan. According to translator William Scott Wilson: "In Chinese, the character 侍 was originally a verb meaning to wait upon or accompany persons in the upper ranks of society, and this is also true of the original term in Japanese, saburau. In both countries the terms were nominalized to mean "those who serve in close attendance to the nobility"

Yeah... I know it's awful to start a review adding a wikipedia definition BUT it's necessary... that sentence ("those who serve in close attendance to the nobility") is very important.. and let me tell you why.

The plot
The story is VERY complex. It's not just present, but also flashbacks.
Tatsu and Arisada... both samurai, from different eras. From VERY different eras... 800 years of difference.
Nothing is easy, the samurai code of honor will make both be in different sides of the same fight. A human... and a vampire... can't peace prevail? And worst... can a love that surpasses time be strong enough to save BOTH man and vampire from certain death? Because a samurai don't fear death, but fear lose their honor.

The Japanese refences seems amazing precise. Ok, now let me be VERY honest and say I don't know much... I know some stuff. Having many Japanese friends at school (I'm from a city with many immigrants from Japan) I can just say this story look VERY precise. Have no idea of the Japanese phrases (there are a lot). But it's not necessary to know... all phrases or single words were translated immediately after the use.
And love BOTH main characters were Japaneses, and add more and more info about their experiences, in modern and ancient Japan.

The Romance
This story is.. erotic... and to be very honest, some parts I WISH the characters would take a cold shower -.-"
I like erotic, but when the erotic scenes start to bore me I can't avoid my need to skip some... I'm not proud of it, but if I don't do it I will give up a book... and I DIDN'T want to quit this book!

The violence
It's a violent book... I know I may be saying the obvious here (lol) but two samurai! Yeah, it's violent... and one more thing... be aware, there is also a rape scene (hummmm... I could say two... ok, one I'm sure, the other is a maybe).

The vampires
LOOOOOVE it... but there is not much about them... sad... I love to know about vampires

The secondary characters
Now I could go on for one month :D
There are many... MANYYYYYYY... a LOOOOOT
Sooooo many and I LOVE THEM ALL! I can't promise in the end all will be alive (violent book, remember when I said it?) :D

The bad guy is... the BEST villain ever!
I hate him
I wish I could be transported to this book and make Ukita Sadomori suffer... a lot... for EACH of his evil acts. And it's amazing! I love to feel strong feelings, and this book made me! I love so much the characters and HATE so much Sadomori I MUST give this story 5 stars!

But, I'm taking one star for the quantity of typos. I may change it, and give 5 stars as this book deserve but now I can't. I don't always take stars but if I notice I underline too many I must do it. This case unfortunately I found many, and my English sucks :D (and also a plot strange fact... but maybe it's just me and it's right...). Anyway...

I would CERTAINLY recommend it to readers that want
* amazing sword fights,
* great erotic scenes,
* don't have problem with violence (and noncon scene),
*a lot of secondary characters and
*a long (veeeeery long) and complex plot.

4 stars(and OMG! Could this book have a sequel? I think it could... I hope it will!)