PRIVATE PRINCE 1 (1) (ガストコミックス) - あさと えいり
Once upon a time, in a European Country, lived a beautiful highly esteemed and good looking prince

awwwwwwwwww... a fairy tale! No?

Hummmmmmmmm, yes and no.

I was tempted to give 5 stars to this yaoi... really really tempted...

Sado is a cursed prince. Because he was not interested in nice and pretty cloths or the love of women, they (those bitches!) called a witch and well... Sado became a doll... a dummy

Matsuno Kaoru is the employer of a sales department in a Tokyo store called Vierne, where the cursed dummy prince is...

That's my problem with this story.
It's a cute fairy tale? Yes, it's so cute! Also naught, because to break the curse Matsuno Kaoru must have sex with Sado image
oh yes, forget the "a kiss will break the curse" image sort of boring thing... no... sex, a lot of it, man-man great sex! image

It's also kind of silly story and NEVER EVER image ask yourself things like:

image "Wait, a perfect reproduction of a man, 100 years before the begin of the story? Like 1900's?" I mean, no one ask about it? How such dummy was done? Which material, because it's look exactly like a human being.

image "WTF? That was rape? I think maybe Kaoru No was more a YES but hummm, Sado could slow down, no?"

image "What? A european prince called Sado? Why? It's so "oriental" name, how could a French prince have it?"

So, 3 stars I when it will be available in my language I will certainly buy it, even if some parts are really too much surreal to just accept.