Aklesh - Samuel Jarius Pettit Did you ever woke up in the middle of the night, completely awake... knowing you can't go back to sleep?
I did, it was 2am, and I knew I couldn't go back to sleep. Awake and trying to decide what to do I remember I had this book to read. Bad choice... no, not because I didn't like it, but because I KNEW I would not stop, before finish it. It was too good to put down!

The plot
During a outburst or rage, and in childish behave, the crown Prince Gar run from everything. Taking a starship he do what he always do, fly around, anywhere... somewhere far from all his responsibilities and problems.
What he couldn't imagine if how his live would change, and maybe also the universe.

The sci-fi theme
When I remember I had this book to read my thoughts were ALL to the sci-fi theme I read on the blurb. I wasn't disappointed! At all!
Aliens, in a alien world, with alien animals and alien customs. That's all what Gar will find when his startship crash in a "forgotten" world of the galaxy.He will be forced to be with a strange tribe, with the Aklesh people.
Saved by Kai'thal, a apprentice healer, Gar as the narrator will let you see it... and it's fantastic! That's why I LOOOOOVE sci-fi so much! I WAS there too, in that strange world.

Action and also... maybe romance
No, I can't talk about romance. It's.. not an erotic book. There is NONE sex scene, even if there is... romance. Something I CAN'T talk about :D
I can't ruin your fun!
The prince must learn a lot, and maybe the most important lesson is a very simple one: freedom in a state of mind.

It's perfect, and that why I gave 5 stars?
Depends... it was perfect giving me great hours of fun, knowing about an alien world.
It wasn't perfect if I talk about editing (some minor problems, like punctuations) and I think it wasn't perfect in how the plot was developed. Maybe there is a project for a sequel, and that can explain why so much was "wasted" in the court, because I can't explain some fact told, that don't happen (like Gar's live being in danger? There will be an attempt to kill him? Or, why his sister and the doctor encounter is so important to be told?. When I read I always try to see all possibilities, of all scenes, and when some don't "end" don't have a explanation of why it was there It bothers me. Also the end... so sudden, almost too rushed... an epilogue maybe would be better IMO, giving me some more pages, and an idea of what will happen from that point.

So, in my modest opinion it's a 5 stars book because it was perfect, addicting, and I couldn't put it down before the last page.

PS: I rarely do it, but I must say some words about the book cover.
This is perfect, [bc:Aklesh|12368208|Aklesh|Samuel Jarius Pettit|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1328311929s/12368208.jpg|17348455]. Maybe not much appealing, the weird not good looking alien on the right, but THAT'S the alien race! That's how they look like.
When I got it I bought the kindle file with this cover:
hummm.... who are the them? Sorry, it really don't show me anything from the story. Who are those two? The dark hair is Gar, ok, and the other one? He is a slut, being in love with someone from Aklesh and having a human somewhere as a lover? :D Maybe... I don't know. :D The second human on the book cover is.. odd.
I saw a upcoming edition cover and ADORED IT! click here. THAT'S a great cover... even if, I must admit, I still love this one, [bc:Aklesh|12368208|Aklesh|Samuel Jarius Pettit|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1328311929s/12368208.jpg|17348455]. I'm not shallow :D I like the alien on the right.. and... if it's Kai, damn, I'm in love :D
Weird of not, it's what Kai is... and I adore him, how he is :)