Outcast Mine - Jamie Craig
I was sooooo scared reading this book!

Tantoret is a prison planet from the Athess system

Convicted don't go there to stay behind bars and think about their sins, but to mining a very potent narcotic/drug/venon called Chojal. So, we are talking about a banned potent drug being extracted by the worst possible criminals. Why do they it? First because they are trapped in the underground, second because it's what their "guards" made they do, and no one question the "guards".

The "guards"
Athaki are a perfect race to get that role: they are strong, can't be affect by the drug is extracted there, and most of all, every living being fear their blood lust and violent nature.
Yes "guards" not guards because their are also trapped in that planet, and their superior force is what give those "guards" the power to rule.

Imagine now the background of this book: a prison without bars or chains, where guards took turns patrolling the chasms. Inmates without choice, mining what is slowing killing them. Athakis, also them prisoners, of a very violent race, following one leader orders. Yes!!!!!! There is a very delicate equilibrium that keep Tantoret operative... a equilibrium that will be threatened by two potent empires in war!

Amazing suspense, explosive romance between two enemies, a rebellion, a claustrophobic and fascinating place, a compelling plot... I can't pick which aspect I liked most!!!

Aleron Pietre is a human and a thief arriving at the worst possible moment in that prison... Jasak is the leader of the Athakis that is keeping that pitch hell called Tantoret operative... amazing... just that... amazing story, perfect characters, remarkable book...


I loved this book!