Spook Squad - Jordan Castillo Price 8 days
Never, EVER, i struggle so long to read a PsyCop book. Ever...
Because I love Vic so much, always was so happy reading and having so much fun I would take hours, not DAYS to finish a PsyCop book.
Exactly what I felt about is book is in this review

Yes, I like it, but didn't love it.

It's a very "old" series. No, not meaning from another era, meaning I'm reading it for so long maybe, just maybe, I'm starting to getting tired? I don't know. Maybe I was so anxious to read it that book 7 didn't make me smile and laugh so much as the previous books. I don't know exactly why, but yeah... 8 days... It seems surreal, but yeah, one PsyCop book deluded me. This one.

Or maybe I'm just a jealous bitch, and want Jacob as the main person on Vic thoughts, not Lisa or anyone else. Why so much time wondering about agent Bly or Lisa. You have Jacob! Wake up Vic! He is there, in front of you! Love him and just SHOW ME Jacob, not secondary characters!

2,5 stars. Round up to 3.