Something New Under the Sun - L.A. Witt After the first book of this serie [bc:A Chip in His Shoulder|12323890|A Chip in His Shoulder|L.A. Witt||17302276] I was dying to know how the story would end... So got this book immediately!
Did I like this one more, less or equally?
Hummmm hard to say.

This book is all Daniel point of view. He NEED to show the world his father is the worst possible criminal of that era. The story begin immediately where book one end, and... It's a NON STOP kind of story. No time to think, to rest, to NOTHING! One action after another, explosions, running, fighting for their lives.... Yes, "theirs" lives... Liam is not by his side, always.

I ADORED the action. When I think a page turner book I image exactly what I found in this book. I never had even time to digest a new, because something was happening. Info about their world or themselves will be give to the reader in the midle of shooting or situations of high risk. It's a perfect way to take the attention of the reader to the maximum level.

I advise you to take a deep breath before start it, because just after the last page you will relax again!

Great adventure
Great sci-fi (love all the new information about that horrible futuristic world)
Great secondary characters (looooooove them ALL!!!!)
Great choice of moments to slow down and show how much the main characters love each other, and miss their time separated

IMO it's PERFECT! And it's a 5 stars.
Just one little thing....
My little discomfort was read about Anna. Why make her be the result of a drunk night? I was so sad, because I have some problems accepting stuff like "drink so much I black out" explanation in a book. I always think if the character drink do much he lost his mind, and (oh the horror!) as a gay man was attracted to a woman because of it. Why not loniless? He missed his lover, Liam, Venus was his best friend and probably also loner and both made love, just to feel for a while a loving embrace. Anything... Not.. Alcohol as the only excuse to a sex scene. BUT it's a personal opinion. It didn't ruin my fun... It was just a WTF moment for me.