Pets, Book 1: Sparking - Mike Shade OMG!!! I laugh so hard reading this book!

Sorry certainly it's not what you want to read in a review of an erotic book but it's true! I really laugh!

Some words about the story
Tynde the second son of the king, born with a special ability to fell others feelings, is promised to the gods. He is raised be a wise elder, to advise kings and priests, free from base urges... Aka, no carnal or mental pleasure at all. He is and must be forever an innocent in all ways.
When his bother is kidnaped from this planet his father will send Tynde to look for the heir in a very hostile planet... Full of HOT and Strong handsome men! Oh yes... Tynder will have a hell of time there... With this incredible dominant man, Koss, that will take Tynder as his Kundi... Alias "his special lover".

Regardless the book cover this book is not a BDSM story... and even a Master/Pet is not what you would like if you, as me, read a lot of BDSM or D/S stories.
Koss is certainly a strong character and will be called "master" but it's not a pet/slave relationship. In my opinion is a great lovers couple, and i miss the kinky aspect I would like to read in a story with the title "Pet, Book 1".
If you never read a male/male story this book is perfect. Koss will teach Tynder that two men can love each other, and the pleasure of such love is breathless. When you read Tynder point of view you will be learning with him.
But if you are searching a BDSM or Master/Slave book you could think, as me, that something is missing.

And now, finally, why I laugh if it's an erotic book???
It's Tynder fault.... ok, so the guy is innocent, and had his "willy" in a cage for all his life...

1) first naked scene he will freak out with his "willy" dangling... OMG! I laugh... with his "strange" feeling about something dangling image

2) Tynder call his "willy" with a special name... "Shame". Ok, that's kind of sad, but the loving scenes with his POV is full of phrases like "his shame was hard" or "Koss mouth closed on his shame" image

3)Ok, and now the thing that made me laugh hysterically: Koss touch Tynder's anus and OMG HELP ME NOW (starting to laugh again) Tynder freak out and ask Koss why he was touching such dark part of his body!
Ok, I'm not normal... is just when he said that I start to imagine another possibility, because I don't know... yeah... nonsense, but I did imagine a light in his butt hole and Koss telling his nothing was wrong there, no monster or something hidden in the dark place...

"Sure it is. Your body isn't some cesspool, or something shameful. You've been taught weird things."
"Why would you touch there, though? In that dark place..."


So it's a great book, but unfortunately my insane mind didn't allow me to enjoy all erotic scenes.

4 stars, and I can't wait to read the sequel!

Footnote: the book finish with something very interesting starting... I can't wait to read about Tynder powers!!! Maybe light in that dark place is one of them!!!
image <---I'm giggling again