Treasure - Megan Derr I agree with Manu's review

Like the magic, the characters, the complex plot..... And absolutely hate, see a Megan Derr book with so many editing errors. Maybe because I just read 3 perfect and amazing books of another series from the same writer ([b:Dance with the Devil|11566521|Dance with the Devil (Dance with the Devil, #1)|Megan Derr||18448707], [b:Dance in the Dark|11566563|Dance in the Dark (Dance with the Devil, #2)|Megan Derr||16507131] & [b:Midnight|6970361|Midnight (Dance with the Devil, #3)|Megan Derr||15269676])and much more, always from the same writer ([b:The Missing Butterfly|7797074|The Missing Butterfly (Missing Butterfly, #1)|Megan Derr||10767284], [b:Prisoner|11116507|Prisoner (Kria, #1)|Megan Derr||3426258], [b:Embrace|7639087|Embrace|Megan Derr||15269656], [b:Something Sweet|13326046|Something Sweet|Megan Derr||18533118]) and NEVER saw mistakes as I saw in this book. I reeeeeeeeally hate see the main characters and romantic couple (Kyo and Kin) switched! I found 3! For 3 times one name was wrong written, and it annoyed me a lot... I don't know if the problem is such similar names. Certainly it's confusing read their scenes, and I can understand this mistake... But I can't give 5 stars when a mistake annoyed me so much.

This book is a great fantasy story, and the constant twists and surprised pleased me a lot, but IMO it's a 3 stars book... And I (for now) will take a break and don't keep reading this series.