Houseboat on the Nile - Tinnean Spy mind games... or should I say, love games?

So, my thoughts about this book...

Let me talk quickly about the prose (quickly because I'm DYING to talk about the Mcs :D So yeah... quickly)
It's weird
Yes, in one word I would say: it's VERY weird.
The book is structured to give the reader the most deep perception about the story. It's a 1st person narration and both main characters will be the narrator. Neither of those give me the "weird" feeling while reading... the repetition was the odd thing.
Each scene, I mean ALL, will be repeated. When Mark stop talking, Quinn will start, showing to you the exact same scene... from his POV. Even dialogs will be repeated, obviously from the different POV.
I'm starting the review saying this was the ONLY problem I had with it, and the only reason it's not a 5 stars. I love the book and adored the deep immersion on it seeing everything from both POV BUT it also tired me. I love/hate it, and it also confuses me (because my English sucks :D and I had to be VERY attentive to understand everything twice).
BTW read the observations by the writer at the begin.. the story is placed in 2002, so yeah, characters will be stunned seeing DVDs :D and Cds are thing from rich people :D

Now FINALLY let me say some words about the Mcs.. and for obvious reasons let me start talk about... MARK!

Mark, a WBIS (Washington Bureau of Intelligence) agent
He is adorable and arrogant
Cute and terrifying
Caring and egoist
He is perfect :)))

He is everything together. I must tell you probably you WILL hate him. A lot. He is chauvinist (with a good reason. Can't talk about his past, but he never had a good example from a woman... maybe he is changing... maybe not... that's how he is... horrible... just horrible... and you will love him). He is attentive, caring deeply for his landlords (I WILL NOT spoil talking about them... so cute :D). He is egoist and paranoid... he is... really adorable.

Quinn, A CIA agent
He is classy.
His walk, talk, manners and behave... all show his great education and politeness. He is CIA... he is the exact opposite of Mark.

It's a spy story without a spy plot..
It's all about... the main characters. Their story (not much about Mark... but Quinn you will know very well). Their... mind games. Or should I say love games?

4 stars

looking forward for the next... maybe things will be hotter... or dangerous... who knows? It's a spy world... just the best can win.. but if, BOTH are the best in their agencies? Who will win?

Must read more to know :D