Not My Spook! - Tinnean Well well well... Mark and Quinn did it again... bewitched me!

First things first... again there are two POV, and there are repetition of scenes, something that already happened in the first book of the series, Houseboat on the Nile .

BUT, as you may notice, this time even the repetition bother me a little, it's a 5 stars book!


Evidence number one: this book has a spy plot. Agents from various agencies are MIA. Both CIA (Quinn's agency) and WBIS (Mark's agency) are worried and it may be a very important threat.

Evidence number two: there is much more romance

Evidence number three: Mark is always an asshole.. but maybe now he is an asshole in love. That change EVERYTHING. :D

Evidence number four: in the story there will be more about Matheson and Theo... I LOVED it. Their story is very interesting...not just because it's hilarious to read Mark reaction to each time this relationship is in the book, but also because it's so cute! I love them :)

Evidence number five: Quinn and Mark... no more need to be said. It's not easy to two men as them be together, and it's certainly not easy to them be apart... so yeah. It's a story that certainly will be interesting to read!

P.S.: May I add something? I really hate the "lost of time" of Quinn's fantasy. Yeah, you are allowed to call me asshole, because I really hate all those pages, of him imagining how it would be meet Mark on the Olympics games. IMO, it was a waste of pages, that could have something from the present time -.-"