The Degan Incident (Galactic Conspiracies) - Rob Colton 5 stars, and Kudos because:

*Dev, the human and only narrator is soooooo cute. Always in cloths to big for him, always loving a big and older guy to hold him, loving a Degan for what he is (an incredible person) not for his look (Degans are beast like creatures). I ADORED him. Look one example:

"You're handsome", I wishpered as I looked into his eyes.
"For a non-human?"
"No, for a man. Human or otherwise."
"Humans call our kind beasts or beastmen."
"Well, you're more beauty than beast to me"

HOW FUCKING CUTE IS THAT???? Damn... Devin McSmith is soooo CUTE!

*Bastian, the beast-like alien, aka a Degan, is SOOOOOO HOT! A mix between a human and a lion... he PURRS!!!!! He is big, furry, muscular and... totally and completely devoted to his human, Dev. I LOVED HIM

* ALL female characters are pleasant persons. I'm TIRED of bitching/ex girfriends/bitches that are ALL females. In this book ALL female characters are amazing, and I LOVED all!

*Even if THERE IS ABUSE (beware, there is... crude scenes, even if it's quick it's THERE! Abuse, aka, torture) it's such a sweet story! SOOO romantic! Adorable...

Yeah, it's a 5 stars story.... I would LOVE to read more!