A Boy and His Dragon (Being - R. Cooper This story is clearly not for me
I liked the fact there is a dragon. And that's it... Unfortunately nothing more.
For a romance it's too slow to my personal taste. NOTHING happened before 80% of my kindle file
For a fantasy there is no world description at all. Everything (ALL SCENES!!!!) are in the dragon house. All! That bothers me so much. Also for a story with magic creatures nothing was explain in details and I missed it.
For a dragon story (maybe violent creatures?) it was frustrating to me... The dragon was... Absent. I was always waiting for the moment I would read more about this fantastic creatures, but no... He could be an elf, an gnome, a merman... For the lack of description of the dragon he could really be any creature and it would not influence the plot.
The plot? I missed it... What is it? No action, no romance, nothing, so where was the plot?
No. Not for me. I admit the end was romantic but it took so long to arrived that I was bored.