Counterpoint - Rachel Haimowitz The begin of the book is soooooooo great and I adore this first part, when you will be introduced to the elf Adyden.

With his uncontrollable hair and wild spirit Ayden is perfect. I love this character, and was astonished by his bravery. Trying to save his sister from humans he will be captured, finishing in the hands of the king's brother, the Prince Freyrik.

Freyrik is desperate fighting against ferals, and will see in Ayden the weapon against those magical perverted animals. Indeed the elf is the only one capable to tell more about those creatures, but there is more...

Freyrik want more... not only the great and wild fighter, but also the handsome and possible best lover he could desire.

So, why 5 stars?
I love the hard relationship development...
I adore the fantastic world...
And I can't wait to read more!

I will not spoil, but finally after to many pages eating my nails everything was ALMOST in a perfect point... BUT something unexpected happened, and I'm dying to know what will happen now!

5 stars, and I MUST read more... one book was not enough.