Servants of the Crossed Arrows - Ginn Hale First of all I want to say I will keep reading this serie, but this is not a 5 stars story in my modest opinion.

Positive aspects of The Rifter so far
Great main characters
Perfect world building (not just a "simple" fantasy story, but a very complex one with even a language created ad hoc for it)
VERY interesting know more about their society. The first book don't explain much, with this one much more was explained.

Negative aspects, and the reason I gave 3 not 5 stars
The description of the feast gross me a lot... how to prepare the... dog to the eat by the invited people was gross.
I understood more about this book reading the prologue of the book 3, than the book itself. It's weird, but true. I already check the book 3, and learn a lot about what happen in this story reading that prologue! I have no idea why... maybe I was distracted? But really, some parts for me weren't clean.
I thought a lot about tofu. What? No, it's not weird, it's true... I was reading and start to think it has being so long I eat it I should go get, but them start to think it's expensive in the supermarket I usually go, so I must search a new place to get tofu... maybe near downtown, or... yep... get it? I wasn't IN the story and at a point was almost bored. It was too much mystery and it's MINE problem, not the book. I get bored if the story don't go on, and seems stuck at a point without telling me new information.
So yes, tofu was another reason to don't give 5 stars.

anyway, great fantasy world and I WANT to go on.

3 stars