Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison Was sooooooooo long... image but I finished it. And, sadly, it is not long because it has so many pages, it is long because is very booooring!
High Point of the book: Jenks… he is the only character that really makes me go on and finish the story. Funny, and always ready to fight, to defend his friend, Rachel.
Low Point of the book: Well, the worst part was Rachel fantasying about Jenks. Let me explain better… she was small for the first time (as a mink) and see Jenks (a little pixie) better. Well, he is gorgeous…. Like: front-page-magazine kind of gorgeous… is normal… usually we fantasize when one men of this kind of beauty passes in front of us. But the problem is: Rachel lives with Jenks, his WIFE AND HIS SONS (lot and lot of sons! His wife!!! And sons!!! Get it??? Come on!). What a bi…
Well I can’t say the word… is a bad word, I know, but she deserves it. I really don’t want to read another book of this serie.