Noah - Jacquelyn Frank It was 2008... I remember clearly... I finished Damien (the 4# of the serie) image. I was so happy! Was a great story and I was exulting for the sequel… and I wait… eat my nails waiting… buy the preorder… wait the arrive from England… take the book from the post men smiling image… start and read all night… and everything was…. FOR NOTHING!!!
WHY??? WHY??? This book is terrible! Noah was a wuss king, nothing like the great demon of fire that scary all the others! image

Whyyyyyy??? Why the book I think would be the best of this serie was the worst? When I finished my desire was bitch slap Jacquelyn Frank… image no, I’m not a violent person, but maybe her editor was too kind. A good slap would wake her up, and this book would be what all the fans were waiting… next time I hope somebody reading the proof have the courage to tell the true… or bitch slap her… image
Awful… the only word I can use to describe this book.