Soul Mates: Deceptions - Jourdan Lane Well, the second of the Soul Mates get 3, not 5 stars as the first book. I like it, but don't think it deserve the full vote. image

Probably you notice something immediately... yeah, I don't classify this book as Erotic. Don't freak out, it's a hot book and if you want naught details I can say (without spoil the story) that there is a ménage à trois+1 that made me sweat! (sorry, I hate the word "orgy" so let's say it's ménage à trois+1 and you will get my point)... but this book has little or better, less than a half of hot scenes than the first. BUT it's a terrific paranormal-romance!

Peter now is more secure of his position of clan master, exactly as Lucien, and will start to make pretty good changes for the coven. I like how Peter is delicate and understand all the problems of the coven. Lucien is a great master, but sometimes he is too much bad ass, and forget to treat all creatures equally. I appreciate more details about the werewolves (the first book talk so little about them!) and certainly it's merit of Peter that strong creatures as werewolves are submissive.

BUT the cruel true must be told, so I must say that I hate all the drama of this book image... some times Peter was such a whining hero that my desire was see a scene of Lucien bitch slapping his partner...
but Lucien is waaaaaaaaaaaay too good and don't do a thing to make Peter understand how annoying he became! And that the problem of the book! Lucien let Peter be a spoiled guy, and get himself in a terrible situation. Yeah, I'm not kidding... something terrible and sad will happen and it's obviously Peter's fault.image

So, 3 stars, and only the constant whining of Peter obligate me give less stars than the first book.
BUT I insist, it's a good book... and I believe paranormal-romance and/or M/M readers will enjoy the reading.

PS:YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK just to see the demon! OMG, I love the guy! I love his description! We are talking about a demon, with horns and tail! LOOOOOOOOVE this new character, and I hope he will be part of the next of the serie!