My Fair Captain - J.L. Langley HELP! I'm really confused!
Ok, first a critic, then I talk about the book...

The main characters of this book are:
Duke Nathaniel Hawkins also called Hawk or Nate (yeah, 2 nicknames)
Jeremy also called Trouble
King Steven
King Consort Raleigh also called Cony
Rexley or Lord Responsible
Payton or Lord Plague
Tarren or Lord Terror
Colton or Lord Calamity
Muffin (the sweet little girl adopted by the King family, that her nickname, the name is never spoken)


Do you get the problem of this book? Names and nicknames and a lot of secondary characters... I take notes! I'm not kidding! So many names and nicknames (I told some, but there is more) that is sometimes really confusing!
Anyway, leaving behind the madness of the 300 main characters names and nicknames, I love this book!
Is perfect? No, in my view has a slow start that almost make me give up, but more or less at the half of the book I was finally addicted and couldn't stop! Love Aiden fragile character and the strong Starship captain Nate! They were perfect for each other!

I enjoy also the sci-fi theme! Aiden planet is amazing! The explanation of why they have a patriarchal society is so great! In brief two men that love each other fighting together are ferocious! To defend the love one, and to don't fell ashamed in the battle field, in front of his love! That's why the king has a man as husband and consort, and all royalty is genetic manipulate to love men (the king has only sons, created with his and his consort genetic material). So, they don't discriminate heterosexual couples, but the homosexuals couples are the base of the society! So amazing read about the another face of the coin! In a society where homosexual is the normal couple, the reader and even Nate (born and raised in another planet) take some time to get used to the the "normal" be men loving men!

And this book is also so funny! The king and his consort treat his sons as precious virgins to be surveyed! With chaperons! OMG, SOOOO FUNNY! Have you read historical romance where the virgin girls go to dance with their little tinny books where the interested bachelor write his name to get the pleasure of a waltz? Same thing! With excited and virgin boys that do little scream of excitement if the handsomer of the night choose him to dance!

But don't think is a tame book... no no and NO! The sex scenes between Aiden and Nate are HOT! REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY HOT!

5 stars! And I really think Aiden society is incredible! They have automatic distributors of lubricant in the headboards! OMG aliens are really ahead of us in technology!!!! image

hahahahahaha image