Called by Blood - Evie Byrne I can't use the word "hate" but I will use "disliked".

I disliked, very much, this book image


The story
FBI and Interpol will answer me ASAP. I call they to help me to find it... the plot is missing!
There is no plot... sorry, but it's my impression reading this book. I read it, all, just to get what was the story... I never find it, and as I said, I'm still waiting for the task force response.
The worst of all was the end... reeeeeeeally a terrible end. I'm not saying that there is or not a HEA, I'm saying that reading it I thought: "image? This is how the writer decide to end this story? Ok, I'm done with this serie" (I'm really done with this serie... I'll not read more)

The characters
Was a huge waste of wonderful heroine and hero. Alex (the vampire) was so charming, Helena so brave, and both were wasted in this book. The only part that I really enjoy was both at the grocery shop having fun. Maybe if there were more scenes like that I would give another star for this book...

The Waste of good BDSM sexy scenes
Ok, now I'll try to say in few words what I though reading the pseudo BDSM scenes:

1)Hummm... good, good, good... image? Why the writer stopped now?

2)Hummm... good dream... hum, hot hot hot... image? Why the writer stopped now?

3)Humm... seems great... yes baby, go go go... image? Why the writer stopped now?

Yes, was exactly like that. So, my question is, if there would be BDSM scenes, WTF the writer don't wrote them? Imagine you are eating a delicious ice cream and someone take abruptly from your mouth. It's like: "taste it, but it's all, stop now" kind of sex scenes.
Maybe it's me, and the blame is for all erotic books I read... I just don't get satisfied. Mike Jagger wouldn't be glade hearing his song (my terrible voice scary even me sometimes), but i swear i sing it... all the time while reading the pseudo romantic scenes... I can't get no, satisfaction...and I've tried... and I've tried... no no.

So, this book is not for my taste. I love vampire stories, and this one disappointed me.

and if you want to sing with me, do it... rolling stones rocks!
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