The Englor Affair - J.L. Langley This second book from the Sci-Regency Serie is amazing!

To be honest the first book was really good, but I lost a lot of my concentration trying to understand the characters. Too many, and I was always preoccupied that a new one would appear from nowhere
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I can understand that the first was the begin of a serie, so the writer put a bunch of possible main characters to next books, but I guarantee that was a little too many... after pages of names, nicknames and surnames I get really annoyed and almost give up the serie... I'm glad I didn't!

This second book, thanks God, is more "simple" to read, and I really enjoy it! image

The story is still very interesting. Now will be Prince Payton story (the brother of Aiden, the main character of the first book). He will help his brother-in-law (Nate) to investigate who kidnapped his son and consort (it's something that happen on the first book). So, they went to Englor, another regency type of planet, where Payton in disguise will try to hack Englor's computers.
Like Payton native planet, Regelence, also Englor follow strict society rules (exactly like regency times on earth). There (Nate words image) Payton has the capacity of find the only gay man of the planet, Prince Simon, the first and only one in the succession to be king image
But Englor is full of homophobic, and Simon never came out of the closed. His planet would never accept a gay men, so a gay possible king is out of question! But, let's say that Payton will be a great temptation... image
and I'll stop here, or will spoil the story.

Simon is not an alpha male... he is the super jumbo mega king of all the alpha men!. I'm exaggerating? Oh boy, no, I'm not! Read it and then tell me... someone that HOT and with such dirt mouth is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge alpha men in my view. He, regardless the fear of be discover as gay, is not a virgin and know very well what to do, so Payton, 10 years younger and innocent will have a lot to learn from master Simon! image

So, get a reeeeeeeeally cold drink before start this book... you will sweat! image

Great serie! I gave 5 star to both of them!

Obs: I also loved the humor of this book! All Payton first person narration was soooooooo funny!