Heartsong - S.W. Vaughn And the nominees for the world famous "Drama Queen Award" are:

Dawson, from the Dawson Creek TV serie


Uriskel, from the book Heartsong


After a long and strenuous day

the juries decided:

Uriskel!!! Main character of the book Heartsong!!!!

Main facts took in consideration by the juries

The constant whinnying, and a good example are the follow evidences found in this book:

*I'm ugly. No sorry, I'm more than ugly, I'm a monster.
*Nobody love me.
*I'm a low class fairy (the fantastic being, but he think he is a poor lover too, so well, the double mean of fairy is ok)
*I deserve to be punish.
*Yes hit me more.
*Please hit me more.
*Not enough, hit me again.

Congratulation Uriskel, now go and be happy knowing that you are the winner of the drama queen contest!

OBS: Dawson is still crying,

someone please invent the "Most horrendous cry scene on TV" to make Dawson happy... pleeeeease!

Anyway, I like the story and the sex scenes, and just don't give 5 stars for the exaggerated drama of Uriskel. I love tormented hero, but this one is not a tormented, but stupid! OMG I can spoil but I can say that I thought that someone he forgave was a little too easy... like "ok, I forgive you and alllllll the humiliation was necessary, I deserve it".... yep, drama queen... really too easy how everything go to the happy end!

So 4 stars, and I like this serie!