Light of the Body - Mark Alders Again a 5 stars sci-fi book by mark Alders!


No sorry... just kidding...
I respect all writers, but I must admit that is he second of the Pembroke Eve Chronicle that get my 5 stars. I really like Mark Alders's books! Why?

1) If you read the first book Shadows of the Mind you already know that Jacob is a hero... well, now he will do it again. I love action, so of course I think this book is perfect.

2) Zane will be the main character too. All book is Jacob's point of view, and you will be surprised by some scenes. Let's think that Jacob is a 19 years old guy again in a life/death situation! I will not spoil the story, but I'm very glad that Zane was there with him! All the time!

3) Aloysius.... no more words... just that name... this new character was something so unexpected! I LOVED IT! Call me crazy, but I like when a book get me by surprise... and I was speechless... read it and then tell me!

4) Ok, I know I'm crazy as a horse, but I loved scary books! So this book perfect! The adventure/suspense balance is perfect!

5) And finally, my last motive to give 5 stars is: the last scene of this book. No, I'll not spoil your fun... ask me if I like that last scene...
my answer?

Yeah... I like it... a lot...

5 stars and I must read the next one! OMG!!! A vampire! YEY!