His For The Holidays - Josh Lanyon, L.B. Gregg, Harper Fox, Z.A. Maxfield, Angela James Very good anthology, but unfortunately I didn't like all 4 stories
I don't know if it's fair to give 5 stars to an anthology with 2 amazing stories, and another 2 that I have trouble to finish it.

So, an overview vote would be 3 stars, but I prefer to give 1 to 5 to each story too.


Mistletoe at Midnight, by LB Gregg image

Main characters: Owen (narrator) and Caleb Black.
I had a huge problem reading this book...all the flashbacks.
I'm not complain about the fact that there is this past and present moments, but the fact that was exaggerated. Some times I really get annoyed and tried to understand why there were necessary... but they weren't. That's the problem. I would give 5 stars because is very well written, and I like the main characters, but I don't think because Charles Dickens wrote a Christmas story with past/present/future A Christmas Carol all Christmas stories must be like that.
So, great story, and in my view only the first flashback was necessary, all the others no.


Nine Lights Over Edinburgh, by Harper Fox image

Main characters: James (narrator) and Andrew.
Didn't finished this story. I tried, very hard, but couldn't finished.
And my reasons are very personal, and certainly a lot of reader will not think like me. So, my reasons are:
1) Andrew is a jerk. Hate him, and probably he will redeem himself... but I can't read a story were one of the main characters is a jerk in my opinion. ****Spoiler**** He did a blow job just to be more "friendly" in James opinion. I hate that, and hate Andrew (the blow-job was the first scene of the story).
2) Too much dark... this story was, up to the point I read too much depressing to a Christmas anthology. But I repeat, it's my personal opinion. When I read a Xmas anthology I want some drama, but not a father losing his daughter custody because he is an alcoholic.
3) The bisexual way of the narrator speak about his ex-wife. It's a M/M anthology, so if I found a bisexual character that has sweet (but not at all gay) thoughts about this ex wife I get annoyed. If he (at the time of the story) is out, why he has thoughts that let me the impression he still love his ex wife in a meet to take a coffee?


I Heard Him Exclaim, by ZA Maxfield image

Main characters: Steve and Chandler (both will narrate)
I'm a big fan of ZA Maxfield, but it's not the name that will make me said it's the best story of this anthology, but the fact that it's perfect!
Funny, romantic, a little drama... that's what I call a perfect story in a Christmas anthology!
Love this story, is it's just that... PERFECT!
My applause to ZA Maxfield


Icecapade, by Josh Lanyon image

Main characters: Noel (narrator) and Robert
Veeeeeeeeeeery good story, and amazing way to close with a gold key the book.
Like to the other 5 star story of this book there is little or nothing to say... it's just perfect, to a Christmas anthology and will leave a big smile on your face.


So, I would recommend this anthology, and regardless my personal motives to give less than 5 stars to 2 of the 4 stories this anthology deserve to be read. Lovely and it's something you will not regret, in my personal opinion, mainly because of the 2 last stories.

By the way,image Merry Christmas!