Litha's Constant Whim - Amy Lane OMG!!! Someone bitch slap me! I can't stop crying!!! image

So beautiful!! OMG this book is so wonderful, and the end??? Is more than a HEA, it's a burst of joy that made me cry like a crazy!

BTW, my hubby is not funny... He saw me and ask me if I was checking my credit card bill

Anyway... my review...

Few words just to tell some important aspects of this book:

1)It's an independent story. I know Amy Lane wrote more books with the Green Hill theme, but I didn't read them. The only book of this writer I read is Truth in the dark (another 5 stars book in my opinion).
So, if you don't read the Green Hill stories don't worry, this book is a standalone.

2) Whim, the second-youngest high sidhe (aka an elf) on Green Hill (location in the Northen California, where supernatural creatures live hidden from the human world) is very powerful, beautiful, tall and very cuckoo. Incredible and very much cuckoo. But that's why you will love him too image

3)Charles, the human and the main character lover, is incredible... Whim will know him in his Litha, aka the day the elves have great strength. Is the only day Whim will go to "human" world, so he and Charles, for all story will have that single day to see each other, and share they mutual love. Is a very romantic fact of this book. What would you do, all year, while waiting for that day when you will finally will see your lover? image
I loved this idea, and in my view is incredible romantic.

4) The rhythm of the story is amazing! It's a quick book to read ( I read it in 2 and half hours) but not because is just few pages, but because is perfectly written, and you will read it all in one breath. The passing years, the passing Litha the main characters will enjoy together is so breathless! You will love it, and the both POV will give you a better understanding of the mutual feelings. image

5) Last motive, to my 5 stars the tearjerker end. Some pages before the end there will be the saddest possible development, but Whim and Charles will have their HEA... I can't say how or will spoil, but regardless the tears in my eyes I love the end, and I can't imagine a better one image

I recommend this book to all readers searching for a romantic fantasy story!.
And have fun in the fantastic world of the cuckoo Whim (yeah, he is incredible insane, but I love his craziness image) and his human lover, Charles.