Time of the Soul - Mark Alders My first statement about the third book of the Pembroke Eve Chronicles: in my view is the best and most erotic of the serie!

Now, some practical facts:

The story begin exactly where the #2 finished and again all the story will be only Jacob point of view.
The old Jacob gang (Callum, Zane, Suzy & Mr Barnady) will not participate in this book, and three new (and fantastic) will be presented: Thomas, Brad and Corey.

Why is the most erotic book of this serie?
First because the vampire in this story is not someone that need blood for living. He need to Dock. What the hell is it? Ohhhhh, read it folks... read it and you will learn!
Great sex scenes also between Jacob and Corey. This new character is amazing. A jerk, I admit, but a hot football player can be forgiven by Jacob... after all they did together... I can accept that Corey can't be open about his bisexuality being such a popular student, so in my view he is a jerk, but can be "saved" and became a better person with someone helping him.

Why in my view is the best of the serie?

Two main reasons:

The first is the non stop action. You will be glued to this book, and will be impossible to stop. All the time jumps, the suspense, loved it!

The second the surprise at the end... ok, no spoiling... I'm trying so hard to keep my mouth shut, but OMG!!! I'm so happy for Jacob and Callum!!!image

5 stars, again... and i MUST read the next book now!