A Note in the Margin - Isabelle Rowan Is certainly hard to say only few words about this book, but I'll restrain myself... telling very quickly why I gave it 5 stars

About the story
John, close to a nervous breakdown, get medical advisement to slow down and take an year of ("mental") rest. As anyone who work like a crazy (that I understand very well about John) he don't go in vacation doing absolutely nothing, but buy a little bookshop. You will get right away that he is doing that just be have an occupation, not for the money.
The little bookshop is what John need... but it's not only books he get... there is too the son of the previous owner, Jamie, and a strange homeless, David. John can't get rid of both men when he start to work in his bookshop... And that's the begin of this book.
Seems simple no? Well, don't be fooled by my simple description. It's a incredible complex story, with remarkable characters.

The writing
Superb. In one word that's my opinion.
The multiple point of views is perfect and even if it's almost only John POV, you will read also all characters ideas (quickly, not very deep like John's) and sometimes a third person narration to describe some parts. Is a good surprise begin a chapter and when it's finish you will know 5 or 6 different thoughts. I love it!!! And if I didn't get confused you (that certainly has a better English level than me) will like it too. image

The characters
Ok, few words... I'm trying to repeat that all over again just to remember I can't talk for hours... BUT they are so damn perfect! You have no idea how much I love John, Jamie, Barbara... and David... I don't know how to say only a few words about a complex character like David... Why he is so lost? Why he is homeless? How can he live like that? What he suffer to make him decide to live in the streets? Why he can't accept John love?
why why why... John will ask all the time... and you too...

Bob Dylan was (in my view) the best song writer that did this question ("Like a rolling stone" by Bod Dylan), and I sang a lot trying to understand David... without success... only when he try to open his heart to John you will get glimpses of his previous live.

"Why" is the great mystery and only reading this marvelous book you will know why David is what he is... and if John will be able to get through David's isolation.

My applause to this incredible writer.image

5 stars