Dark Life: Book 1 - Kat Falls Marvelous book! My 5 stars and my applause
(no, I'm not a guy... I just like this animated gift image)

Well, without spoil the story I can say some things...

* All the story is Ty's POV. I enjoy this wise choice of the writer. It's so rare to read a YA book with a guy as narrator. I love Ty voice.

* Gemma, the main female character, is so brave! Looking for her brother she affront all her fears without second thoughts! SOOOO BRAVE! Love her!

* The adventure of this book never ends! True! My advice is: take a long breath and then dive on this story! It's breathless! One action after another will obligate you to stop on the last page (applauding as I did).

* All the undersea description was terrific! So vivid, and perfect that make me want to see all sea documentaries of discovery channel (again... I'm a documentary addicted image)

* You will love all the twists and surprises! The most incredible is about the Dark Gift... Gemma on the first page will say this world to Ty, and them he will keep you on suspense.... who has a dark gift? And most of all, which is the undersea kids dark gifts???? Soooo fun read this book trying to discover this mystery! Great revelations will keep you reading... and believe me, you will like it a lot!

NERD NOTE (sorry, I'm a nerd and some times can't avoid nerd thoughts)
It's a great YA with a wonderful message that will make you think hard... which one is the real free community? The one, called Dark Life because of the lack of light under the sea, or the topside (the humans on the surface)?
Under the sea the Dark Life community live in family farms, looking for the animals and crops never forgetting to also take a look how the neighbors are and if they need something.
On the surface humans has little space, living in incredible small spaces, and the families (always for lack of space) send they kids to border schools. The families have 1 time week contact, for few hours, until the kids, at the age of 18, go out to start their life (working etc etc).

So, tell me... who would want to live under the sun light?

Yeah... good question no?

Enjoy the reading