Angel: 1089 - C.C. Bridges Let me do something new. It's my first review with a cover image to explain the story. Why? I loved it... love this cover art, and looking at this picture I see what I can tell (or not, I'll not spoil the mystery) about this book

So, he is Gabriel, or as he will be called, Gabe. In a post apocalyptic world angels are not divine creations, but men modified with metal and high-tech implants. Their mission is protect the "sky" city of Heaven.
As you can see, he is damaged. Well, Gabe must protect the city and the citizens from demons. What they are, and who they are is not explained. Maybe as angels are the product from human manipulation also demons were men? Projects that didn't work well? We don't know, and this question (sadly) will not be answered.
I was saying, Gabe is missing one wing image. But it's not all. He is missing also his Halo. No, I'm not talking about a circle of light above his head image, but a network-enable device that keep him in constant contact with another angels.

Now is time to talk about what you don't know looking this cover. Gabe after his ambush (when he lost 1 wing) is taken by the demons to a human to remove his halo. Jeff.
Jeff is a cross between the hero Neo image (from the movie Matrix), and the junkie Renton image (from Trainspotting). Jeff was addicted to the networld (if I can invent this world). But I will not spoil telling more... he will tell you right away how much he miss that virtual world, but his life is in the sunless city below the shinning and rich Heaven city... where a lot of humans still fight each day for simple basic needs, as food.

The plot is incredible addicting. I love to read about that world and the characters that will interact with Gabe and Jeff. Kayla will be a constant, and this sweet girl (Jeff daughter) almost stole the best secondary character scene... but no... in my view, Hank and Ian are the best. They are a very kink couple image, in a master/pet relationship and every time they appear I forgot about the main characters (very personal opinion). I'm not kidding... it's the first time secondary characters and their angst life get so much my attention to make me desire to scream "shut up" to Gabe or Jeff image just to hear more about them.
Refugee, both from hight level cities, but living in the terrible and violent place where Jeff and Kayla are stuck. Just to be able to love each other!
Hank and Ian image fascinate me! A LOT!

So, that's one of my motives to take out 1 star... but it's not all.
Another problem I have reading this book is the change of POVs.

No, I don't read only books with one point of view... I love multiple narrators, and I normally pick books with various POV. So why I had problems reading this book?

Very simple... there is no paragraph mark (like some blank lines, change of page) or the add of **** or another (ANY) thing that will tell the reader when another character will start to speak. I get confused, and sometimes only after 6 or more lines I get that the narrator changed. I read the epub file, so I can't say if the pdf or another ebook format has this problem... but NONE format should have this problem, in my view. I would not put a pdf file to sell, with a perfect POV changes, and forget about epub or lit readers. So, probably it's something that all formats have... someone that read another one can help me telling their experience.

So, the fact that 2 secondary characters were more interesting that the main, and the strange sudden changes of POV will make me give 4, not 5 stars.

Thanks for the patience to read this long review image
and it's very good, but 4 not 5 stars in my opinion