Truth and Deception - Scarlet Hyacinth
Kanikan a cryogenic preserved Nathifan is rescue from his ice prison by a Horusyan called Minkah, the captain of The Heru. And guess what! Minkah is Kanikan's Meskhelnet!!! image So yes!!!! It's a very romantic story!


he he he... sorry,I'm a evil bitch but it's just to prove my point... this book didn't get my 5 stars for that problem: too many unpronounceable terms! (including the main character names)

Plot, with my bitch mode offimage

Kanikan is the last member of a very powerful, and obviously very hated race, called Nathifan. Their persecution was so terrible that no Nathifan survived... but Kanikan, cryogenic preserved as a child 400 year before the story begin.
Minkah is a avian humanoid (I loved that! Wings are always so interesting) from the Horusyan race. He is a captain and a pirate.

They path will cross when Minkah will aboard a spaceship transporting Kanikan. And the last Nathifan of the universe will be free.

The sci-fi theme is wonderful! Regardless the strange names (always made me stop the reading to remember what the hell was the signification) I love this book! I'm a BIG sci-fi fan, so read about strange places and races is so great! I loved it!

The romance is strange at the begin, but I like the way the writer deal with the problem of a child being raised by his soul mate (Meskhelnet, the word I used before mean "Soul Mate").
Don't worry, there is no child abuse of nothing like that! Kanikan can be a child in his aspect, but he is 400 years old. And obviously, his love for his savior, Minkah, will only be explicit when he is a grown man.
There will be drama. As you can imagine Minkah will try to fight against his feelings from the "boy" the raise.
I liked very much... it's not a "sex-without-plot" type of book. There are HOT scenes, but you must read a lot to get to them... before will be only a great sci-fi story.

So 4 stars, and I would certainly read more about this 2 characters!