With Caution (With or Without #3) - J.L. Langley
Someone will die!!!!!

eeeee.... Nope, it's not that obvious...

And to be exact two, not one, characters will die!!!! And leaving the teasing aside let's get to the point! I LOVED THIS BOOK!

And to explain each main character in a more fun way let me use illustrations... I loooooooove emoticon! image

Jake ----> image
Poor guy... well you will see him in the second book (Keaton's bodyguard)... he is preoccupy, because Remi is his mate and seems an homophobic. Well, read it and you will see... I just warn that he is a hell of a Dom! YEY! I love when someone show how strong he is (do not think something like hitting everyone, but only a good Dom/Sub relationship). Love him, and is perfect as a main character.

Remi ----> image
The calm one... he, regardless all the shit in his life, is so damn calm! OMG how could him! With an abusive father and such crazy brother (Sterling)! AND OMG soooo submissive!!! Perfect to someone like Jake! I love him... that's it... leave him alone, HE IS MIIIIINNEEEE (Remi is my favorite character!)

Sterling ----> image
Too much active. Imagine a little Chihuahua after 200 coffee cups... well, Sterling is worst... much more hyperactive. He is Remi little brother but to Remi he is almost his son. With an absent mother, and an abusive father Sterling is so happy! Impressive!!! Is really impressive and I ADORE him! Can't wait to read his book (Without Fear)! He will be the main character! YEY!

Rhys -----> image
Ohhhhh a bad ass!!!! HE IS Soooooo cooool!!! This new character of the serie get my attention after his first description! Soooo cool!!! And dangerous!

Dirk ----> image
He worst possible villain you can imagine! You will hate him so much! And that's perfect! It's just the sign of how great this book is! A book need romance, but must be also some angst and drama... this book have everything, in the right dose! If the second I didn't give more than 3 stars (too much sex, in little plot in my view) this book NO!

This story deserve 5 stars and now I can't wait to read more!