Mongrel - K.Z. Snow
I want a Mongrel like Fanule!!!

nope.... he is not a dog... the is The Dog King... the Eminence of Taintwell... a light sucker... yes, he is a lot of things, and I fall in love with this amazing character!

Quick Overview
In an fiction place there is a distinct difference between the humankind: Pures and Mongrels. While Pures are the normal and powerless humans, Mongrels can have physical or another abnormality that made them be feared, hated and persecuted. In this strange and cruel reality a Mongrel, Fanule Perfidor, from the village of Taintwell will fall in love with a Pure human,Will Marchman from the city of Puriton. It's not a spoil... it's how this book starts, with both men meeting.

But it's not only a sweet romance image
There is a lot of action, and certainly a great amount of fantastic beings. A very handsome vampire, Clancy Marrowbone, and another pure human, Simon Bentcross, will add more life to this story. Everyone will try to help Fanule... Mongrels are disappearing, and something very TERRIBLE is happening...
So you must know it's an amazing erotic/paranormal romance; but it's also a very good suspense.

The Steampunk aspect was another great aspect of this book!
"Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s" (wikipedia definition).

I ADORE it... I'm a huge sci-fi fan so this book not only made me drool reading Fan and Will bed scenes image, made me almost scream of fear, but also made me very happy reading about the fictional machines.

5 stars and it's a pity i read it so quickly! It's so good I'll read it again! One time is not enough!

BTW Fan has mismatching eyes! One violet and another green!
image Fanule