The Pharaoh's Concubine - Z.A. Maxfield
It's possible to find something sad but cute?

Yes... It's possible... This book is a good example.

Dylan is a mafia protégée. He is the lover of one of the most violent and important boss... But he is "ignorant", living a parallel live, where no one is killed or tortured... He has a good live, doing nothing... But obviously at the age of 36 he is starting to question for how long his lover will keep him.

Willian is against his wish a member of a gang. His future is a big question mark, and being the youngest soon of a gang boss (Willian has only 20 years) he not only can't get out but must also be very secretive about his homosexuality. It's very much a live condemned to end very shortly, and violently

Willian gang will take Dylan as hostage, and both men will have difficult and terrible moments...
So yes, it's a very violent book, and even now, after I finish it, I'm still very sad... I will not spoil telling about the end, if there is a HEA or HFN or worst possibility, a tragic end... I'll only say how much I like this book (that's why I'm giving 4 stars) and that certainly I'll not read it again.

I do it a lot... Read more than one time a book, but sometimes, like in this case, the topic is too dark and I just can't do it... drugs, violence, murder, racism... Everything is there.... So, one read is enough... So dark! I just can't read it again.

So 4 stars... And Drawn Together with its drama balanced with great humor and perfect writing is still my favorite ZA Maxfield book.