Darkness Dawns - Dianne Duvall
We must eat healthy food... I know... I KNOW!!!
BUT PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE don't try to lecture me, or I'll get MAD!

About the story
Sarah Bingham is a not very "normal" music teacher... she is a very kick ass lady, able to learn how to fight in only days, and fire a weapon like she born doing it. I like her a lot, but some of her aspects, like this "born to kill" seems a little exaggerated.
Roland is an immortal, aka a VERY hot and INCREDIBLE vampire. Ok, maybe you feel my angriness about Sarah, well, Roland is different. He is perfect character, and I ADORE him! He is 937 years old, and just to warn you, all immortals in this book are VERY old. It's a very great idea in my view. I read a lot of paranormal-romances and I must said it's rare to find a story with such old characters. I like it... a lot!

The story
Is it the very "same" formula of kick ass vampires, defending humans from bad vampires? Well, yes and no.
Yes because I think after The Dark Hunter serie by Sherrilyn Kenyon I unfortunately always see similarities when there is a group of sexy guys fighting. And another thing is Seth... this character scream Ash in my head all the time (Acheron, aka Ash, leader of the Dark Hunters). Seth past is unknown (as his true age), has immense powers, is always vague in his answers, is able to walk in he light, transportation, read minds, and... ok, did you read the Dark Hunter serie? Did Seth seems or lot a lot like Ash? In m view yes... they are too much similar

There are a lot of GREAT secondary characters and I LOVE each one of them! Also all the biological/medical facts are very plausible and I like it a lot (I'm a biologist, so I'm a nerd and love to read nerd explanations, so well... sorry but I like it!). It's something new, that's I never read in a paranormal-romance.
And to the "no" response of my question I must add the great romance, very good growing in time, and giving you the feeling of it's possible to be true. I hate when a guy, that never EVER trust anyone in his ALL damn live change in a matter of 5 pages to the biggest lover of the planet. No way... I know it's a paranormal-romance but the characters must be also "realistic". If after almost 1000 years of never trusting a soul Roland would fall for her quickly would kill his best aspect... his loyalty, hard given to anyone.

Now now... I was ALMOST a 5 stars book, but...
It's very personal... no one is obligated to believe me, but in my view there is this annoying thing the writer did... the all the healthy food crap that made me want to punch the wall.
It's would be just another aspect in Sara's character construction, she being all "green" and defending eating only organic, etc etc... BUT...

Lot's of vegetables and fruits. Very little meat. Organic chicken, turkey or other fowl. None of those heavier meats, processed, or artificial food that contains known carcinogens or other harmful chemical...

It's Roland, not Sarah talking.
and that discuss go on... and there a lot of those...

and guess what I thought! 2 choices

1)"What a luck girl! Not only Sarah is in that all organic life, eating only that kind of food, but she find a HOT race, because ALL immortals do it too! To avoid cellular damage, cancer, all harmful effects that would let them to drink more blood to be healthy!"


2)"Ok, please stop it RIGHT NOW! STOP IT! I'm not stupid, I can read between the lines and get it! It's the writer believe BUT stay AWAY FROM MY HOTDOG or I WILL BITE YOUR HANDS!"

the second... only Sarah saying things like "I don't eat rabbit, they eat their own feces" would be only a fact, in this book, and I can accept it very well. I have vegan friends, my sister-in-law is vegetarian, and well, it's something anyone is free or not to do. BUT I'm a grow up woman, I'm not a kid and don't want to hear "Sweet, take this eggplant and put down your french fries, It's not good for you".

This aspect of this book annoyed the HELL OF ME, because it's really soooooooooooooooo annoying hear about it, again... and again... and again!
I think it's a mistake of the writer, annoying the reader with all of that... please respect me, a shit eater that love to eat meat, and go to barbecues. I swear I skip when some crazy phrase was said, but some are still in my head, like Sarah saying "You drinking blood is no more repellent to me than someone else eating one of those greasy triple hamburgers"...

I'm so repellent then, and I don't give a shit if it's repellent to someone like Sarah when I eat a hamburger with bacon and tons of catchup.

4 stars, and I want to read more if this serie... if there is be no more lessons about how wrong is eat the crap food I love so much