Dark Heart - Thom Lane
Whip fetish can be overwhelming sometimes...

So what can I say about this AMAZING D/S (Dominance and submission) story?

Collared submissive slave: imagecheck
Strong mysterious master: imagecheck
Full immersion in cold bath more than one time was needed: imagecertainly CHECK

All book is (YEY) the slave point of view, Tam. image
I can tell much. Tam will talk to you, and his submissive mind is perfect! He will described the dark and mysterious mage arriving to the guild of Amaranth, and with time (more or less, half book) FINALLY you will know everything about the HOT Master Lucan (Tam will only identify the mage sign, what kind of mage no).
Lucan is... perfect... I love his strong hand, and his amazing power!

Attention if you are not used to D/S with hardcore BDSM. It's not veeeeeeery violent but there is a lot of back head slaps...

whips, bondage, leash, butt plug, endearments (like "slut", hahahahaha) and allllllllllll GOOD stuff of the BDSM world image

If you want to start to know about BDSM (specifically D/S) try something less "violent" or (like I did, when I was starting) read books like this one, just to get over the first shock of read about a boy being called "slut".... being beaten... collared... and happy in love never wanting another life! image

5 stars book in my view, and I'm already reading the second of this serie! image