The Incubator - Mark Alders
It's time... for the last orgy battle...

After the first book of the serie (The Nourisher) and the second (The Soldier) the end is near... the #3 statement of the serie is here...

The doom weapon is in the hands of the nasty sonofbitches enemy aliens called Herdsmen. They are cleaning the universe, race after race, all planets are falling... no one can defeat them


no, I said NO ONE can defeat them...

But there is hope, now that Spiders and Mammals are united in this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay good alliance... to resist, fight and to make love (not necessary in that order)

Drake and Vernon love is still the main focus of the story, and now, is time to the end also of Vernon pregnancy.

Great story, amazing serie, and I'm a little sad reading the last of the trilogy, but I'm incredible happy because the end... was...



5 stars