Uneven - Anah Crow If you want to read a coherent review I think you should read Nikita's because mine is full of babbling... because I'm speechless!!!

I must start saying I had some problem to get into the story. The masochistic mind of the narrator (Rase) is so sinister!. Rase need to be hurt is scary!!! Really REALLY scary...

But please try it too! When you start to get more in his mind, in his life, and his desperate need to be loved and love you will finally understand. It's so easy when you get it!

Rase and Gabriel are two faces of the same coin! They belong to each other, and it's a AMAZING love story!


5 stars and please take care, the warning about be a masochist/sadistic story is true... so if you are not comfortable with it think very well. Rase want it... to be hurt... a lot... and no one can do it better than Gabriel.