Kindred Hearts - Rowan Speedwell Why this book deserve 5 stars?
* The story is VERY good, and I never got bored or tired. It´s hard to write a historical romance, so thumbs up to the writer!
* The drama (even if I´ll talk more about it later) was perfect. I like the romance, with dramatic moments, and again more romance... it´s perfect, the balance between both.
* It´s a long book, but I dare you to read and search for useless parts. Every chapter is needed, to tell Tris and Charles love story.

Why I gave 3, not 5, stars?
For a personal reason... I was annoyed by all the crying
Again, it´s a personal motive, maybe you will not agree with me.
I think Tris and Charles should cry a little less! Both are such strong men, why all the crying? I have this problems, reading a strong and great male character crying like a baby... so well, that´s the only think that made me read it already thinking it could be, but it´s not a perfect love story.

So well, I know I should give 5 stars, saying just I´m for personal reasons didn't enjoy this story. But no, I think it´s the best way to say to this writer, and to all potential readers, one think:
AMAZING BOOK, perfect writing and VERY good historical romance but maybe Tristan and Charles should cry less, because some scenes (like when Charles with a broken leg cry and cry,like a baby, just seeing his sister) ruined my mental image of the male men both should be.