Beyond Meridian - C.C. Bridges Captain Rick Raine is the last hope for Karl. He want to save his friend, Sam, and the name Rick have an starship and his name is know everywhere.

I enjoy immensely both characters, loved the action and was a little annoyed by the narration... it´s the only problem I found in this book... the sudden change of narrators, that sometimes let me VERY confused.

So: great sci-fi image, not long and boring sex scenes image to kill the action and a perfect characters is the reason of my 4 stars.

And let me expend few words about the erotic scenes. So well, there are sex scenes in this book image, but don't read it if you are searching an erotic book. C.C Bridges don't described, with pages and pages, the sex. It's there, but the book don't have that aim, to be erotic. It's a sci-fi and an adventure, so of course it's perfect to sci-fi readers.

I want to read more of this serie!